2019 Legislative Retreat Papers

Although the planned 2019 Missouri Women’s Network Legislative Retreat (cosponsored by AAUW MO, IBC, and other women’s organizations) was canceled because of bad weather, you can still read the issue papers submitted by the attendees, presented here.

Equal Rights Amendment (Shirley Breeze, Missouri Women’s Network)
Pay Equity (Karen Francis, AAUW)
Gun Legislation; prefiled House bills; prefiled Senate bills (Barbara Harris, Women’s Voices Raised for Social Justice)
Legislative Update—House (Nancy Miller, League of Women Voters)
Legislative Update—Senate (Nancy Miller, League of Women Voters)
Education Legislative Issues (Nancy Copenhaver, League of Women Voters)
The Good and the Bad: Missouri’s 2018 Legislative Session (Glen Koenen, retired executive director of Circle of Concern, Hunger Task Force chair for Empower Missouri)
See legislation NCJW is tracking at Fast Democracy or the NCJW website (Heather Silverman, NCJW)
Abortion bills being watched by Planned Parenthood (Sean Whiting): Abortion ban, teen endangerment, six-week abortion ban