Leadership of IBC is shared among the branches:

2022-2024 IBC OFFICERS
Co-Chair Betty Takahashi
Co-Chair Teri Brecht
Secretary Patty Murray
Finance Chair Carol Davis-McDonald
Barbara Lackritz  Award Chair       Pat Shores
NCCWSL  Coordinator      Deb McWard
Adelante                  Betty Takahashi,
Public Policy            Karen Francis
Web Manager          Joyce Katz
Facebook Page       Nancy Hutchins

                                                     Past Presidents of IBC

    IBC Chair Branch Rotation Schedule

Aug. 2022 to May 2024 St. Charles
Aug. 2024 to May 2026 St. Louis
Aug. 2026 to May 2028 Ballwin-Chesterfield
Aug. 2028 to May 2030 Ferguson-Florissant
Aug. 2030 to May 2032
Kirkwood-Webster Groves

Each branch has four delegates.  Meetings are open to all AAUW branch members. To contact an IBC officer or branch officer, use the “contact us” form at top right, or check with your branch president for the IBC directory.

Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch
Co-Presidents Sandy Brody, Sage Taber
Co-VPs Program: Janet Sloey, Marcia Block
At Large: Jean Elliott
Newsletter: Mary Jermal, Jean Light, Ann Riley, Pat Shores

Ferguson-Florissant Branch
Co-Presidents:  Pam Meyers
VP Program: Shirley Breeze
Co-VPs Membership:  Karen Haynes
At Large: Patty Murray

Kirkwood–Webster Groves Branch
Co-Presidents: Marsha Koch, Jeannie Webdell
VP Program: Christine Nobbe, Kay  Meyer
VP Membership: Deb McWard
Newsletter: Carol Davis McDonald
At Large: Kay Meyer

St. Charles Branch
President: Betty Takahashi
VP Program:  Rose Ann Weeks
At Large, Newsletter: Teri Brecht

St. Louis Branch
President: Ellen Irons
VP Membership, Newsletter : Carol Davis McDonald
At Large: Jan Scott